Hey YOOO! *American accent*

I have just come back from one of the best weeks of my LIFE! Ive been to New York about 6 times in my life but this time it was OUT OF THIS WORLD! loved, loved loved it!

I did the crazzzzieeesst! amount of shopping and I still came home with change! America is a dangerous place for a girl who loves fashion and can shop for a whole country on her own. LOL

So when ever im in the US whether its Florida, LA or New York I have to do a forever 21 shopping spree! Its a store that really screams British fashion, almost reminds me of Topshop and a ridiculous low price.

Whilst I was in the Big Apple it happened to be Fashions Night Out! When i found out I could have died! Everyone was in town from Kim Kardashian (whoever knows me knows im a HUGE fan! *excited* LOL) to Naomi Campbell! The buzz in Manhattan that day was amazing!

I could go on for forever about my trip but all I will say is if u have the chance to go to New York and just admire the lifestyle, the fashion , the glamour and the overall city buzz U NEED to do it! heres a few of the pics I took of my time and all the shopping I did! WOOOPS! HEHEHE...

DAY 1 Of Shopping :)

Me Making Brownies

Day 2 Of Shopping :)

34th Street Subway Station Right Opposite The Famous MACY'S

And My Favourite!...A Jeep Yellow Taxi! :)

Fashion is my thing, whats yours?!

Natalie <3