And Designer Of The Week Goes To.....


Hey Guys & Dolls,

How has your week? Mine has been average and a little bit emotional in places....(Nothings changed there) *shake my head*

Some of you may know that this week is NewYork Fashion Week so instead of blogging i have been having a nose on everyone else's blogs! One woman that has been at the tips of everyones tongues has been VICTORIA BECKHAM....Im not a fan of her myself but looking through her collection she showcased on the runway this week i have to give it to Miss Posh Spice! The collection has a military touch, and the majority of the pieces have the classic Beckham 'pencil' cut and all 20 items were dresses. Some peices were also inspired by the colour blocking trend.

Talking with press Victoria said "Its what i like to wear, its the other side of my wardrobe".
Personally, i really adore the more fun and girly day dresses within the spring collection i believe its a bit more young and fun and i would say a complete contrast to the outfits in which we usually see Victoria in. I have put some pictures up of some of the looks i really like. (See below)

Can we also just talk about Harper!? I absolutely love the way Victoria dresses her! Outfits are adorable and if she has a front row seats at NYFW at under a year old , her future is looking pretty fashionable! Hehe...So i am super jealous of little Harper!

(Little Harper & her VERY handsome father at Victoria's show)

There has been nothing but positive feedback regarding this wonderful collection so i believe this is a well deserved designer of the week! Well Done Vicky B! :D
I have posted a little video of the catwalk show highlights! Enjoy, let me know what you think!

Have a fab weekend beauties!



The Best & The Worst Of The Grammys 2012

Hey Guys,

Soooo im all cool now and i have tumblr *Cheers* yaaay BUT i have no followers lol and i don't actually know what im doing on it! hahaha but if your on it get involved and follow name is "therealnats" if thats how u search for me :/

Ok so lets get down to business!.....
Firstly, may i say RIP To Whitney Houston....I am still in abit of shock and after this i will make a separate blog post to just express how sad the loss is....I would imagine that some of Whiney's greatest hits is music we all grew up with and its such a shame that she has left us so SOON however, God knows what hes doing.....

Secondly, i streamed the Grammys online last night and watched it live from the red carpet and i was a little disappointed!?.....There are 3 looks from 3 stunning females that really stood out for me but the rest were just average so i shall do my best 3 and my worst 3 in ranked order!

Shout out to the very fab ADELE! For snatching 6 Grammys! she really did deserve it! Much love to her for holding it down for the UK....she looked stunning BUT i would love to see her in another colour other than BLACK! *Yawns*

So lets start with the worst!....

1.NICKI MINAJ- Wearing Versarce

I have no words for what Nicki did her this was my absolute WORST of the night....There are ways to bring attention to yourself in a good way and ways to do it in a bad way and of course she did it in the WORST way! what was the pope about? what was her make-up about? ( what was Joyce Bonelli thinking!!? ) was all horrendous and i shall never forgive her for committing fashion suicide the way she did. I cant even comment further to be honest.....

2. ROBYN- Wearing.....GOD KNOWS!

Again, to me this look cannot be explained nor described!? The satin skirt almost looks as if she made it herself....When MTV asked Robyn on the red carpet what was she wearing on her feet she said "i went to a good shoe mender!?" Robyn i don't care if you are trying to be different please make some kind of effort especially when you have been nominated in a category! I dont even think any network asked her who her outfit was by it was that bad....

3.KATY PERRY-Elie Saab

Blue Hair & A Blue Dress....NO NO NO Katy! I Just hated the shape of the dress and this bow under the boobs just didn't sit right. Katy is soooo beautiful and surprisingly i love the blue hair on her but with a blue dress also!? just screamed tacky to me! Katy you can do better!

Now Time For The BEST :)

1. RIHANNA- Wearing Armani

THE BEST OUTFIT OF THE NIGHT!!!!!!!! Ahhhh i just love it! soo sleek but screams sexy and sophisticated. At first i thought the split and the cleavage was to much but RiRi just pulls it right off! love the black and gold also, and she didn't over accessorise to much the dress does all the talking! One thing most us girls hate is when a dress doesn't say much from the back but this dress is gorj at the front, and even more amaze from the back! no one can deny how beautiful and natural Rihanna looks and like i said before hands down my favourite of the night! Also heard She is partnering up with Mr Armani to produce a catsuit line...If this dress is anything to go by that line is gunna be toooooo hot for a hanger! Well done Rihanna!

2.JESSIE J- Wearing Julien MacDonald

WOW! Jessie looked amazing! This dress fitted her like a glove! I adore the mermaid hemline and unlike Jessie she went with really natural make up. Just a stunning dress on a stunning female! you made the UK proud JESSIE!

3. CARRIE UNDERWOOD- Wearing Johnathon Arndt Jewels

Carrie is just so beautiful anyway , but i love this white elegant dress on her. The 4.00 carat diamonds really compliments her lovely smile! Love the black clutch with the dress, the whole look is just timeless. This is the kind of effort i was looking for! Carrie aced it! Love! Love! Love!

Well thats all from me folks! My top 3 females made the red carpet for me! There are a few other celebs that i haven't mentioned but can we just ignore the fact the Rick Ross wore jeans?! yes please! Loved Amber Rose and Wiz but wasn't to keen on the yellow on Amber Rose. GAGA in Latex!? Ermmm shall we ignore that to!? Yes please!

Anyhoooo thats all i have until next year! Have a great week beauties!

Muchos Love!


And My Designer Of The Week Goes To......

.......RACHEL ROY!

Hey Guys

So I want to introduce to my blog designer of the week! This is where i will dedicate a post about which designer that i feel is worthy of my designer of the week LOL, So here weGo!...With blogging and twitter and all other forms of social media I really love looking on the net for inspiration and its just a really cool and visual way to see whats going down in the fashion world.
I have known about Rachel Roy for a while now since she was in partnership with her former husband Damon Dash, whilst being the creative director at Rocawear. Since then Rachel has found herself among some of the worlds most noted fashion designers and has a close connection with the TEEN VOUGUE publication. I love the fact that althoughRachel Roy Produces Luxury clothing at a premium price she has her RACHEL line has been designed for the modern, stylish young female but still wants to have that ounce of sophistication in the way she dresses. Her alternative (and more expensive lol) RR collection targets the working city woman, either way both lines are STUNNING! Various celebrities have been on the red carpet in some Rachel's finest pieces. Below are some pieces i have picked from her latest collection, I ADORE the white shaggy gillet which is now SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE!

And My Favourite part......


Soo many designers within the 21st century are heavily involved with charities and funds, but to me this charity is really touching. I love the Kindness is always fashionable ethos and Ms Roy's push to help countries like Haiti a country in which i think is sometimes overlooked. I looked into the Heart of Haiti charity and have discovered Rachel Roy's Hati Jewllery Collection. The Collection is all made by the aitians themselves and the pieces are absolutely beautiful! This creates a new source of income to the people who are still struggling to rebuild their lives after the devastating earthquake.The Collection is also headed but the CEO of Macy's I believe Kim Kardashian did a similar thing also.
There is also an amazing clutch bag that was featured in Teen Vougue, that are all designed to help provide relief for all natural disasters and it is donated to 100% non-profit organisations. This clutch was inspired by the people of Ghana and the print i think is gorgeous and extremely authentic!

So lets all think of ways we can be kind in our fields of work, whether its uni, school, our office like Rachel says Kindness is always fashionable! (The media sometimes tell us other wise! )

And Last But Not Least......

Rachel Roy Tweeted Me This Week! YYYYYAAAYYYYY! She mentioned that I could purchase her stuff online as I was complaining nowhere in the UKstock her collections! I was soo happy that she actually tweeted me *does the happy dance* and now I have some really new cool followers on twitter because of it *CHEESY SMILE*


Everyone check out I promise you, you wont be disappointed!

And remember to find ways of being kind! (it should come naturally anyway LOL)

Muchos Love!



Happy New Year! *Covers Eyes*

Hey Ya'll!

Ermmm..... I am again ashamed to post after 2 months of not blogging! Ekkksss! I apologise yet again!

So let me start off correctly....


Hope you all had a fab Christmas and you have your new year off to the best start!

I am back to uni (Boooo) and there is ALOT of pressure this term! As a course we are putting on a fashion auction next month which is pretty exciting but also pretty stressful , However I have no doubt it will be awesome!
This year I have discovered I have some sort of shopping addiction in which I cant stop!? Yeahh Rehab maybe needed, But the exciting part is I can blog some of my purchases! :D

I just wanted to also share my love for printed/patterned tights!!! I have uploaded loads of pics of my crazy tights via instagram! (in which i adore everyone on iphone get the app) im always in shorts, and day dresses so its always mega cute when u can have some cute tights to really set off the look and they can also reflect your mood! This weekend I bought some animal print ones from topshop and i am just waiting for the right time to wear them, Maybe one day when im feeling WILD hehehehe.

Well, I have selected my 3 favs for you to see but i also LOVE my classic polka dots but I have yet to snap myself up in a pair. The Alphabet & The Fish Nets are both House Of Holland and the stripped ones (My 2nd Favourite) are from River Island :)

I hope to post again this week, so be on my back via twitter, facebook, txt or whatever to make sure i do!

Again thanks for always encouraging me to keep blogging! Muchos Love to you all!