Hey Dolls!

How has your day been? mine has been rather LONG! was sitting in the library from 2 this afternoon till about 8 this evening and Ive been downing the redbulls to keep me awake! Cannot wait for exam season to be over!

BUT! Admire The Shoe Just For Second People!...I AM IN LOVE!

‘Ulona 140’ Platform Sandals

Christian Louboutin I have to say has designed the most AMAZING footwear of 2010, He Is Genius! andI must say these have to be one of my favourites from Mr Louboutin so far!

The colours used are so in right now, and are what they are calling 'the latest catwalk colour fix'. I actually saw these shoes first on Khloe Kardashian which you can see in my last post.However I picked up my weekly fashion fix AKA LOOK MAGAZINE! And Saw Ugly Betty Star Ana Ortiz wearing the shoes, so i obviously had to do my research!

So The Shoes where tribal inspired as you can see, and keeping with the gladiator style has a zip fastening sitting on the back of the shoe. They are the most divine pair of shoes but they are coming in at a *woozah* price of £1,095

All I can say is if I had the pocket to afford these beauties they would be on my feet!
I tried to locate miss Ortiz in the shoes however i couldn't find a picture, so i uploaded a photo of the magazine cutting on my Blackberry.(qualities a bit rubbish lol)

So we can"t just have pretty shoes we need a fab outfit to go with it! So I have selected a ruffle shoulder design by rare which i think would look great with the shoes. I have selected the NAVY blue in the shoe, although picking up the red in the shoes would also work extremely well!

Another good look for these is the straight leg cut jumpsuits as you are still able to admire the detail in the shoe under a straight or skinny fit pair of trousers.

Anyway Stay Fabulous And Treat Everywhere Like A Catwalk You Never Know Who's Watching :)

Natalie <3

The Louis Vuitton Miroir Alma Bag...2007 OR 2010? EITHER WAY I NOW WANT IT!

Hey My Sweets!

So As Some Of You May Know MY Close Friends Call Me Khloe Kardashian....Yes WE LOOK NOTHING ALIKE! haha
But I Really Think She Is ONE HOT MAMA!
We Kinda Speak the Same I Guess AND Defo Have The Same Sense Of Humour! But I Have Seen Khloe With The Louis Vuitton Miroir Alma Bag, And I Wasn't To Sure If I Was Feeling It To Be Quite Honest!

BUT! This Is Khole K We Are Talking About!

I Saw My Fav Dash Sister being Photographed Back In April In New York And She Looked 'OH SO FLY' Apart From The Fact I Couldnt Take My Eyes Off Of Her PATTERNED LOUBOUTINS, She Rocked The Louis Vuitton Miroir Alma Bag EXTRAORDINARY, STARTLING WELL! :D

I Love Khloe She Has An Amazing Figure Going On At The Moment , Although When I First Laid Eyes On The Bag ,I Thought It Was The Worst Louis Vitton Item That Had EVER been produced (In The Spring 2007 Collection ,yes its old) I NOW HOWEVER HAVE CHANGEd MY MIND! :D SEEING IT WORN CORRECTLY ON THE ARM OF MRS KARDASHIAN-ODOM, And Surprisingly Looking Good On the Arm Of PARIS HILTON, I feel That This Bag Needs To Be On My Hot List! This Bag Is Also A Great Look For Summer....Hello Miami Beach! :)

If Khloe Can Still Rock This Bag In 2010 Then So Can We Baby!
Lets Fly Together! :)



P.S Here's One Of My Cards From One Of MY Best Friends (Well Shes More Of A Sister) For My 18th Which Was On Thursday! She Stuck A Picture Of Khloe In My Card! HAHA! I Call Her Kim Kardash Because She Can B Such A Diva At Times! But I Really Loved This Card So I Had To Throw It In Somewhere! Damn I Love U SHANI CHOPRA AKA KIMMY :) XXXX


clinique Rootbeer lip gloss!!!!!!!!!!!

Ladies! Ladies! Ladies!

I Have Just Discovered This AMAZING Lipgloss That Literally Lasts Forever On Your Lips!

I know My Blog Is About Fashion But This Is A Basic Essential IN MY EYES!

Forget the tricks of the trade ie..' foundation under your lip gloss makes it last longer' because this stuff is seriously AMAZING! ok ive said amazing twice now which means it must b fabulous! lol

I Even Brushed My Teeth With It On Today! And Yes My Lips Where Still Looking HOT And I didnt need to re-apply any more!

I love this lipgloss because you can wear it everyday and even on a night out. The Rootbear tone allows it to look really natural on all skin tones aswell.

Its reasonable price of £15 and leaves you looking 'glossilous' hehe!

So Girls Get Your Behind To Your Nearest John Lewis!

Lets Fly Together! :)




Where Do I Begin!?
Hi Dolls :)
This is my VERY FIRST blog!....WOW it’s pretty exciting!
My name is Natalie and im currently finishing off my A-levels in media, film studies and sociology. I have a really strong "passion for fashion" as they say, but also just a love for individuality and style! Im going to Northampton University to Study Fashion Marketing In September of 2010! :) i am soooooooo beyond excited as i WILL follow my dreams of working within the fashion industry! RUNWAYS,DESIGNERS, MODELS , SHOES , DRESSES , HANDBAGS , NEW YORK, PARIS, FABRICS , TEXTURES AND ALL ROUND FABULOUSNESS!!! I wanna see it all!!

I AM A CHRISTIAN! And that is something that is very important to me its not a "religion" but a lifestyle and a relationship with my ALMIGHTY father JESUS CHRIST!
im not gunna bible bash you every day with my blog but its something that I want all my 'browsers, readers and 'fans' lol' to know...furthermore those of u that dont know him i would love for you to get to!


This blog will contain my fashion ideas, tips, trends, DO AND DONT'S and my general random thoughts and feelings that regularly pop into my head! LOL...
Most importantly its somewhere where there is free speech and i can b me! Journalism is something im tryna dig into and blogging will help me develop my writing skills and engage with my audience through the way in which i write. And I really hope that i will receive weekly readers! *closes her eyes*

I am really eager to see where this takes me, but I know that anything is possible with Christ and therefore it IS POSSIBLE for him to take me ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP OF MY GAME! Because I Really Do Have Sooo Much To Offer!
So Let’s Get Flying! But Most Importantly Let’s Get Flying Together! :)

Love Ya!