Floral Headwear


As summer is fast approaching i just wanted to express my love for floral headbands and headwear! ABSOLUTELY LOVE ALL THINGS FLORAL! As many people who know me personally they will tell you 80% of my wardrobe is floral print! thats skirts, dresses, tops , blouses you name it!
So i am really admiring all the pretty headbands that are floating around. There are many that are reasonably cheap but with alot of detail and will look great in the sun! As the festival season arrives I think they will definitely be the ideal accessory to finish of the 'festiv girl look!'

Ive pulled together some of my favs and added prices so hopefully you will all b walking around in your little sundresses and the cutest headband ever!


ASOS (Marketplace)




These are only a selected few, however there are endless amounts within stores as well as cheeky online boutiques and vintage sites!

Stay All Flowery This Summer!

Nats <3


Hey Guys!

Sooooooooo I Can Now Offically Say DREAMS DO COME TRUE!

On the 8th of June 2011 I Natalie Williams Met The Doll Herself....KIM KARDASH! It was AMAZE!........

I woke up at 2am and got ready with my besties Shani and Kimberley and headed to the Debenhams in Oxford Street. The 1st 150 people to purchase Kim's perfume got a chance to meet Kim and let her sign pics and take photos , so of course i went down with my Kardashian Konfidential book, A mega cute pic of Kim and A gift to say congratulations on her engaement! ( Because me and her are friends like that right? hahhahaha)

When we arrived to the store at 4am there were 5 people that were already there so made us number 6th,7th and 8th in the Que.! Funnily enough being in the que from 4am-10am meant that we all made friends really quickly! I decided it would be fun to sing Kim's song 'JAM' at the top of my voice as more people started to join the line was soo much fun and even the press began to film and interview me and my friends was Debenhams took a pic of us and tweeted Kim saying "THESE GIRLS MUST BE YOUR BIGGEST AND CRAZIEST FANS HERE" This only made us even more excited when Miss Kardashian tweeted my friend Shani and by 9am there was easily over 1000 fans waiting for Kimmy! I felt so excited knowing that it was guaranteed to meet her and all of sudden i actually started to get nervous!

Well cut a long story short Kim arrived LOOKING ABSOLUTELY STUNNING In a dress in which i saw in the Gucci Spring Collection and i really couldn't believe the reality star and all round beautiful person was in front of me!

When I eventually got to meet her me and my friends got out the picture we framed of her and Kris out and it had smashed :( But fingers crossed Kim still got it! ( If your reading Kim WE LOVE YOU AND ARE SO HAPPY YOU HAVE FOUND TRUE LOVE!)
Kim said "You Look Lovely" to me and for some reason i lost everything i wanted to say to her and just started saying" I love you! your so beautiful and a great inspiration" IM SUCH AN IDIOT! LOL.....Anyway i was just sooo happy i actually met her she was everything i imaged i think she looked even more fabulous in real life and her outfit was TDF!

Unfortunatley the person who took my photo with her zoomed in on my camera so the pic looks soooo dodgy but Kim still looks stunning in it! I have placed this pics below anyhow hope you guys like what you see!

Amazing Day, Amazing Company And An Amazing Mission IN WHICH I COMPLETED! I MEET KIM KARDASHIAN! <3

After Purchasing Our Fragrance!

Some Of The Friends We Made Whilst Queuing!

Me And Kim <3

Kim Getting Ready......


Well Thats All For Now

Stay Fab

Nats <3