My New Love For Vintage Chanel

So i do have a new love! and its Vintage Chanel!

I have always loved Chanel for its simplicity. Its classic, timeless.....AND VERY EXPENSIVE! LOL :)

Looking for a few items that i can purchase over summer and i have discovered that i love the items that are alot older, as they call them , the vintage pieces!
I have been hunting for brooches, earrings, scarfs and bags that really add to outfits and will never loose their value these are the items in which i believe I MUST OWN! *Sigh*

Looking at the history of Chanel, Gabrielle "CoCo Chanel Really changed the fashion industry as she began to design pieces that really reflected women's elegance, even in the classic little black dress that we all love even now! When worn correctly its those simple outfits that brings out women's real beauty!


The brooch is something that i really adore but not in Love With The Price! The cheapest one i have found has been around £400....Anyone Felt Lead To Treat Me? :D If I Do Purchase any i will proberly even attach it to my PJ's!

Here are some other items that ive seen and literally fallen in love.....

Vintage Satchel 

80's bomber jacket
These boots are Amazing! 

Black & Gold earrings 

Rihanna in vintage  leather hat.

Iconic tweed blazer

Jessie J In Vintage chain 

Anyhooo Just Wanted To Share This With You All!

Muchos Love! How About CoCo Lovin!? (Hehehe)