I Am A Still A Blogger!

IM SO ASHAMED EVEN TO SAY HI....... *hangs Head in shame*

Soooo this is my 1st post of the year and its May! I am so disappointed in myself!
Loads of people have been asking me to blog already this year and it has really blown me away to be honest, didn't even think anyone read my posts! lol but i am truly grateful for everyones support. I love writing and i get a bit overwhelmed sometimes that there is not enough hours in the day for me just to share things with you guys!
However, I have been on my twitter game so if your on twitter why not follow me @xThe_Real_Natsx :) FOLLOW, FOLLOW, FOLLOW!

Studying fashion this year means i have soooooooooooo many things i want to share with you, but it is exam season for me at the moment so dont think i will blog everything i want to until the end of the month BUT i will update you on some of the more exciting things.

That is all from me today but do hang tight for updates they are coming...I PROMISE!

I also have a new hairstyle in which i cried about for 2days but now im lOVING IT!
I shall show you guys a pic of it and you tell me what you think!

There is a comment box below never be afraid to give me feedback on here or even drop me a tweet!

Take A Look At My New Hair!

Much love to you all!


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