Long time no speak! I haven't blogged in over a week so i believe its time right!?

Hope you are all well! Just wanted to share with u my new OBSESSION!
Well the clue is in the post title....Yes its nail art and illustration!

If you know me you know that im always painting my nails at least once a week i don't actually remember the last time i went without my nails being painted! i love funky colours but never been a fan of patterns and that kind of thing.HOWEVER, I have seen the rise in the amount of talented nail technicians blogging some SUPER cool designs! Looking at blogs and websites has really got me wanting to take a nail illustration course!
I got a bit excited last night and tried out a few different things and the last design i did which i still have on today was a barbie pink matt base with a very wonky black tip! LOL, i shall show you the finished product at the end of this post.

I have literally, looked at all the nail blogs google could supply me with, and i honestly wish i had as much as talent some of these people! The designs are just toooo much to handle!

Here is a list of my fav ones for you all to see yourselves along with some photos of my fav designs:

Sooo this weekend im going to Barcelona and i plan to have a really cute pattern to rock in the sun and i shall post a pic in my next post!

Ohh yeah and here is my first attempt! *Covers Eyes*

Hope your all feeling as inspired as me! Hehehe.....

Muchos Love!


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