Hey Peoplessss!

So I know i haven't blogged in forever but of course when an event is upon us i shall be the first to jump on the red carpet just to see whos wearing what! LOL So this post is a Coachella special!

Sooooo of course i usually do best and worst picks but this time i just thought i would just pick my favs! Not sure if any one caught the Tupac hologram at Coachella but WOW! *Shouts* Tupac BACK! HAHAHA It was amaze BALLS! Technology Ay! (Take A Look Below)

Also this is where my bestie Katy Perry showcased her HAAWWWTTT purple hair! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Defo tempted to dye mine the same!

I think looking at all the coachella pictures it has really got my excited about the summer!
Im  going to festival 24 for my birthday so got loads of outfits planned out with alot of inspiration from the blog posts, tweet pics & instagram'ing that was going on during and after Coachella, im sure loads of us will be attending festivals this summer so of course we have to be ahead of the game and make sure we looking fly! dope! on trend! And generally hot!

I think what came through in all the outfits (good and bad lol) were accessories! Even all of the online stores are really pushing the accessories whether they are studs, sunglasses, head pieces, scarfs even body jewellery they really can be the little thing that will top off the look!

Loved the fact that Rhianna wore a Topshop crop top which has been in my online topshop basket for about 3 weeks! And Lindsey Lohan wore Creme laced Jeffery Campbell Lita's! Celebrities dress like us to! haha!

I haven't put each outfit individually with what there wearing but if you would like to know just comment and i shall let ya know! :)

 So here you are! who do you think looked the best?

Well i have actually written a round up post about all the things ive been doing recently so look out for the next blog post!

Thanks for reading, love to you all!


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