Where Do I Begin!?
Hi Dolls :)
This is my VERY FIRST blog!....WOW it’s pretty exciting!
My name is Natalie and im currently finishing off my A-levels in media, film studies and sociology. I have a really strong "passion for fashion" as they say, but also just a love for individuality and style! Im going to Northampton University to Study Fashion Marketing In September of 2010! :) i am soooooooo beyond excited as i WILL follow my dreams of working within the fashion industry! RUNWAYS,DESIGNERS, MODELS , SHOES , DRESSES , HANDBAGS , NEW YORK, PARIS, FABRICS , TEXTURES AND ALL ROUND FABULOUSNESS!!! I wanna see it all!!

I AM A CHRISTIAN! And that is something that is very important to me its not a "religion" but a lifestyle and a relationship with my ALMIGHTY father JESUS CHRIST!
im not gunna bible bash you every day with my blog but its something that I want all my 'browsers, readers and 'fans' lol' to know...furthermore those of u that dont know him i would love for you to get to!


This blog will contain my fashion ideas, tips, trends, DO AND DONT'S and my general random thoughts and feelings that regularly pop into my head! LOL...
Most importantly its somewhere where there is free speech and i can b me! Journalism is something im tryna dig into and blogging will help me develop my writing skills and engage with my audience through the way in which i write. And I really hope that i will receive weekly readers! *closes her eyes*

I am really eager to see where this takes me, but I know that anything is possible with Christ and therefore it IS POSSIBLE for him to take me ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP OF MY GAME! Because I Really Do Have Sooo Much To Offer!
So Let’s Get Flying! But Most Importantly Let’s Get Flying Together! :)

Love Ya!


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