Casio Confusion!

Hiya All!

So last week i was under crazy exam stress , and everyday i was sitting in LSE library from 10am-9pm! it was way to much so i had to treat myself to a little urban outfitters fix! wohoo just the little 1 in covent garden! hehe :)

So I found a really nice retro Casio watch which Ive wanted for a while. i think gold watches look really good in the summer and i wanted a bit of an old school look so i purchased the Casio in urban outfitters along with my levi 501 shorts since its been so warm! My watch came to 52 pounds which i thought was kool but i was pretty sure i saw a similar maybe Even the same one in the Argos catalogue!

So when i got back to the library i was talking with my friend about the watch being in Argos so we looked on the the site , and what did we see?! MY WATCH! :O
and it sure wasn't £52! it was £22.99 I could not believe my eyes! but yes i now have my retro watch which Ive worn a few times still cant quite part with my toywatch but i really think gold faced watches are great look!

Urban Outfitters really let me down, but still one of my favourite places to shop!
Just remember to always look around before your purchase items because it could be cheaper somewhere else! im a bargin hunter and no matter how much money i make i will always look 4 my bargins! LOL!

That's all for now..stay beautiful!


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