Im Backkkkkk! :)

Hey My Faithful Readers!

Im not to sure where i should start! LOL
Basically im terrible at updating my blog!? im so very sorry readers, friends and family who constantly ask me why i dont blog anymore. Im finding second year of university alot harder this time round but i know i can get through this! AMEN!
Although im back at uni i am 80% sure im going to get back into blogging!
Let me just take this opportunity to say thanks to everyone who constantly encourages me to stretch my ability i love you all from the bottom of my heart. ALSO im thinking of joining tumblr instead! *covers eyes* sorry blog spot....I think in-terms of the way i want to blog it will be better as i can do it on the go, so as soon as i have my christmas break i shall create a page. I have a few things that im obsessed with at the moment and i have boring assignments to do this week so im going to try and blog something every other day to keep me going!

Thanks again for being so patient stay beautiful Ya'll!

Muchos Love!


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