Muvvaaaa Roseee Bringing Us Some Inspiration :)

Yes I Am dedicating my first November post to AMBER ROSE!!!! I am Obsessed!!

Wiz Khalifa! Wiz! Cam! Basically I love the man! Everyone knows im A TAYLOR! #TGOD!!!

To be honest I never really knew how I felt bout Wiz being with Amber... HOWEVER! She is so fab, dope, fly, hot and completely yumyyyy! I have been following her twitter and blogs and I absolutely LOVE her style. I think some people within the fashion industry would put her under the label that I HATE! Yes its the U Word.... "Urban" ! YUCK! (I wonder if there is anyone out there that hates the word as much as me! LOL)
I really believe Miss Rose has come into her own this year. She has used her place in the celeb zone to really turn her past into a positive and nobody wears a catsuit better! NOT EVEN JESSIE J! hahahaha!!! Her positivity is something i really respect and in everything she does she looks HELLA FLY! *Amber Rose Philly Accent*

I think its important for not just celebrities but us all as individuals to stay true to who we are and no matter what label the world puts on you, you continue to do you! Amber has had alot thrown in her direction lately and I don't think her "silent" persona really helped her BUT she has found her inner voice and she was even on The Wendy Williams Show Last Week! Amazing interview! very real! I will post a link for you all to check it out and get a little taste of mama rose yourself!

This post seems really random because I'm not really focusing on my usual fashion/style thoughts and hoha's but Miss Rose has really encouraged me recently she's to hot for words! ha!

But I want to leave you guys with this......

"Accept everything about yourself--I mean everything, You are you and that is the beginning and the end--no apologies, no regrets"

No matter what ANYONE says about you the way you dress, look, talk , walk laugh.... you stay true to you because NO ONE CAN DO YOU BETTER THAN YOU! :)

Stay Beautiful Because You Are!

Natalie xox

Here are some of my fav pics from my beautiful Rosebud :)

Alexander Wang Black Mesh Dress

Amber @ Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011 (Louis Vuitton)

2009 Vintage Chain Chanel Sunglasses

MY PERSONAL FAVS! Pavon DRESSES! Its buy 2 get one free! Ladies check it out!


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