Happy New Year! *Covers Eyes*

Hey Ya'll!

Ermmm..... I am again ashamed to post after 2 months of not blogging! Ekkksss! I apologise yet again!

So let me start off correctly....


Hope you all had a fab Christmas and you have your new year off to the best start!

I am back to uni (Boooo) and there is ALOT of pressure this term! As a course we are putting on a fashion auction next month which is pretty exciting but also pretty stressful , However I have no doubt it will be awesome!
This year I have discovered I have some sort of shopping addiction in which I cant stop!? Yeahh Rehab maybe needed, But the exciting part is I can blog some of my purchases! :D

I just wanted to also share my love for printed/patterned tights!!! I have uploaded loads of pics of my crazy tights via instagram! (in which i adore everyone on iphone get the app) im always in shorts, and day dresses so its always mega cute when u can have some cute tights to really set off the look and they can also reflect your mood! This weekend I bought some animal print ones from topshop and i am just waiting for the right time to wear them, Maybe one day when im feeling WILD hehehehe.

Well, I have selected my 3 favs for you to see but i also LOVE my classic polka dots but I have yet to snap myself up in a pair. The Alphabet & The Fish Nets are both House Of Holland and the stripped ones (My 2nd Favourite) are from River Island :)

I hope to post again this week, so be on my back via twitter, facebook, txt or whatever to make sure i do!

Again thanks for always encouraging me to keep blogging! Muchos Love to you all!




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