And My Designer Of The Week Goes To......

.......RACHEL ROY!

Hey Guys

So I want to introduce to my blog designer of the week! This is where i will dedicate a post about which designer that i feel is worthy of my designer of the week LOL, So here weGo!...With blogging and twitter and all other forms of social media I really love looking on the net for inspiration and its just a really cool and visual way to see whats going down in the fashion world.
I have known about Rachel Roy for a while now since she was in partnership with her former husband Damon Dash, whilst being the creative director at Rocawear. Since then Rachel has found herself among some of the worlds most noted fashion designers and has a close connection with the TEEN VOUGUE publication. I love the fact that althoughRachel Roy Produces Luxury clothing at a premium price she has her RACHEL line has been designed for the modern, stylish young female but still wants to have that ounce of sophistication in the way she dresses. Her alternative (and more expensive lol) RR collection targets the working city woman, either way both lines are STUNNING! Various celebrities have been on the red carpet in some Rachel's finest pieces. Below are some pieces i have picked from her latest collection, I ADORE the white shaggy gillet which is now SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE!

And My Favourite part......


Soo many designers within the 21st century are heavily involved with charities and funds, but to me this charity is really touching. I love the Kindness is always fashionable ethos and Ms Roy's push to help countries like Haiti a country in which i think is sometimes overlooked. I looked into the Heart of Haiti charity and have discovered Rachel Roy's Hati Jewllery Collection. The Collection is all made by the aitians themselves and the pieces are absolutely beautiful! This creates a new source of income to the people who are still struggling to rebuild their lives after the devastating earthquake.The Collection is also headed but the CEO of Macy's I believe Kim Kardashian did a similar thing also.
There is also an amazing clutch bag that was featured in Teen Vougue, that are all designed to help provide relief for all natural disasters and it is donated to 100% non-profit organisations. This clutch was inspired by the people of Ghana and the print i think is gorgeous and extremely authentic!

So lets all think of ways we can be kind in our fields of work, whether its uni, school, our office like Rachel says Kindness is always fashionable! (The media sometimes tell us other wise! )

And Last But Not Least......

Rachel Roy Tweeted Me This Week! YYYYYAAAYYYYY! She mentioned that I could purchase her stuff online as I was complaining nowhere in the UKstock her collections! I was soo happy that she actually tweeted me *does the happy dance* and now I have some really new cool followers on twitter because of it *CHEESY SMILE*


Everyone check out I promise you, you wont be disappointed!

And remember to find ways of being kind! (it should come naturally anyway LOL)

Muchos Love!



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