The Best & The Worst Of The Grammys 2012

Hey Guys,

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Ok so lets get down to business!.....
Firstly, may i say RIP To Whitney Houston....I am still in abit of shock and after this i will make a separate blog post to just express how sad the loss is....I would imagine that some of Whiney's greatest hits is music we all grew up with and its such a shame that she has left us so SOON however, God knows what hes doing.....

Secondly, i streamed the Grammys online last night and watched it live from the red carpet and i was a little disappointed!?.....There are 3 looks from 3 stunning females that really stood out for me but the rest were just average so i shall do my best 3 and my worst 3 in ranked order!

Shout out to the very fab ADELE! For snatching 6 Grammys! she really did deserve it! Much love to her for holding it down for the UK....she looked stunning BUT i would love to see her in another colour other than BLACK! *Yawns*

So lets start with the worst!....

1.NICKI MINAJ- Wearing Versarce

I have no words for what Nicki did her this was my absolute WORST of the night....There are ways to bring attention to yourself in a good way and ways to do it in a bad way and of course she did it in the WORST way! what was the pope about? what was her make-up about? ( what was Joyce Bonelli thinking!!? ) was all horrendous and i shall never forgive her for committing fashion suicide the way she did. I cant even comment further to be honest.....

2. ROBYN- Wearing.....GOD KNOWS!

Again, to me this look cannot be explained nor described!? The satin skirt almost looks as if she made it herself....When MTV asked Robyn on the red carpet what was she wearing on her feet she said "i went to a good shoe mender!?" Robyn i don't care if you are trying to be different please make some kind of effort especially when you have been nominated in a category! I dont even think any network asked her who her outfit was by it was that bad....

3.KATY PERRY-Elie Saab

Blue Hair & A Blue Dress....NO NO NO Katy! I Just hated the shape of the dress and this bow under the boobs just didn't sit right. Katy is soooo beautiful and surprisingly i love the blue hair on her but with a blue dress also!? just screamed tacky to me! Katy you can do better!

Now Time For The BEST :)

1. RIHANNA- Wearing Armani

THE BEST OUTFIT OF THE NIGHT!!!!!!!! Ahhhh i just love it! soo sleek but screams sexy and sophisticated. At first i thought the split and the cleavage was to much but RiRi just pulls it right off! love the black and gold also, and she didn't over accessorise to much the dress does all the talking! One thing most us girls hate is when a dress doesn't say much from the back but this dress is gorj at the front, and even more amaze from the back! no one can deny how beautiful and natural Rihanna looks and like i said before hands down my favourite of the night! Also heard She is partnering up with Mr Armani to produce a catsuit line...If this dress is anything to go by that line is gunna be toooooo hot for a hanger! Well done Rihanna!

2.JESSIE J- Wearing Julien MacDonald

WOW! Jessie looked amazing! This dress fitted her like a glove! I adore the mermaid hemline and unlike Jessie she went with really natural make up. Just a stunning dress on a stunning female! you made the UK proud JESSIE!

3. CARRIE UNDERWOOD- Wearing Johnathon Arndt Jewels

Carrie is just so beautiful anyway , but i love this white elegant dress on her. The 4.00 carat diamonds really compliments her lovely smile! Love the black clutch with the dress, the whole look is just timeless. This is the kind of effort i was looking for! Carrie aced it! Love! Love! Love!

Well thats all from me folks! My top 3 females made the red carpet for me! There are a few other celebs that i haven't mentioned but can we just ignore the fact the Rick Ross wore jeans?! yes please! Loved Amber Rose and Wiz but wasn't to keen on the yellow on Amber Rose. GAGA in Latex!? Ermmm shall we ignore that to!? Yes please!

Anyhoooo thats all i have until next year! Have a great week beauties!

Muchos Love!


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  1. OMG i agree, i'm not usually a fan of Rihanna but she looks BEAUT in Armani, and just wow at Minaj! haha xxx